The Sims Carnival SnapCity

The Sims Carnival SnapCity

SnapCity, a SimCity-look-a-like strategy arcade game in a Tetris-fashion mode
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Maxis Software

The Sims Carnival is an online community, based on the popular strategic simulation series The Sims, that allows its players to create and share their custom-made games created with its Flash based game editor. The main objective is to allow players to turn into amateur game designers.
SnapCity, a SimCity-look-a-like strategy arcade game is not an on-line game but single-player only, in a Tetris-fashion way, where players shall accommodate various geometric shapes which fall from above. The pieces fall toward a three-dimensional grid and in three different groups, which represent the standard SimCity construction areas : yellow for the industrial zone, blue for the commercial area, and green for the residential one. The player's goal is to accommodate these pieces together into larger areas. Then, as in any standard city builder, you must connect your zones with roads with only a few mouse clicks, and traffic will begin to flow between them. From time to time, a disaster like a tornado or a riot will suddenly threaten your city, and you need to click and hold the right mouse button over the event to stop it and save your creation.

Mariano Delgado
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